Maria-Madgalena Cave

Maria Magdalena cave

The Maria Magdalena cave in the Sainte Baume massif, is at 20 minutes away from Le Clos Geraldy charming B&B in Provence.

Going to Maria Magdalena cave is a nice walk of about 1 hour walk for discovering the convent and the sanctuary.

To reach the holy place, you must park near the hostellerie. Then cross a field for about 100 meters. Then take an easy path with gravel or a slightly steeper path on the right through the forest.

The natural cave carved out by erosion (baumo, in Provencal). It has become one of the oldest places of pilgrimage in the Christian world. The saint is said to have lived there for thirty-three years of her life.

According to the Tradition of Provence, she was expelled from Palestine with several disciples during the first persecutions against Christians after the Ascension.

She miraculously approached the Provençal shores at the place now called Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. She became the first evangelizers of Provence.

Marie-Madeleine preached in Marseilles in the company of Lazarus. After she established herself in this steep mountain, in the Grotto.

You can meditate in the chapel or simply admire its simplicity and silence.

The Grotto is one stage of the route “in the footsteps of Marie Madeleine”

Then you can, when leaving, admire the landscape of the Var. If you wish, access the Col du Pilon, at an altitude of 1200m after an additional 20 minutes of walking.

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