beaches in provence

beaches in provence. The beaches of Lavandou are probably one of the most beautiful seaside sites in the Mediterranean.

These beaches in Provence are located about 1 hour 15 minutes from Le Clos Geraldy, charming guest house at St Maximin la Ste Baume.

This “Var Côte d’Azur” of 12 fine sandy beaches over 12 kilometers is available to you. They each have a name : the Anglade, the Grande Plage, the Saint-Clair beach, the Fossette beach, the Aiguebelle beach, the Elephant beach, the Jean-Blanc beach, the Rossignol beach, the Layet, Cavalière beach, Cap Nègre beach, Pramousquier beach.

It is also a diver’s paradise. The quality of its water, its seabed are regularly rewarded with several labels: Blue Flag (beach, port and water quality), Starfish Pavilion (Qualimer, seawater quality), Pélagos (marine mammal sanctuary) .

Also, you can discover steep coves or sites with equipment for relaxation or water activities.

In addition, the Lavandou is between Toulon and St Tropez. It was once an authentic fishing village. Today it is a popular holiday resort at the foot of the Massif des Maures.

The road to the Corniche des Maures is a marvel. It is bordered by oleanders and pines. The views of the Golden Islands multiply around every bend.


Lecques beach

Lecques beach is about 40 minutes from Le Clos Geraldy, charming guest house with pool and spa in Provence. This is the closest place for swimming in the sea.

Lecques beach is in fact a part of the village of st cyr sur mer. It is a bit like the town promenade. 2 kilometers along the sea, with the pier on one side and its fine sand on the other.

It stretches from the old port to La Madrague. you can have a splendid view of the bay. At the east and west ends there is fine sand, while the middle area is made of pebbles.

Beach promenade is very well equipped with public toilets and showers, open-air libraries, a pétanque court, playgrounds, fitness areas and a beach volleyball court.

There are also many beach restaurants there, very pleasant between mid-April and mid-October.

Come here all year round due to the Mediterranean climate. You can also take the coastal path, the coastal path that runs along the water and the rocks.

Go also from St Cyr to Bandol. Or to the Port of Alon and its cove.

We can of course give you al information and itinerary to reach this area.




Manosque, is at 1h15 from Le Clos Geraldy, charming guest house in Provence with pool and Spa. It is an authentic Provencal town between Luberon and Verdon

Manosque is a thousand-year-old and legendary city. Small rural village, it has become over the years the most populous city in the Alpes de Haute Provence.

And it begins to leave traces in the Roman era when it became famous for its large regional market.

In addition, it is also the commune of the Provençal writer Jean Giono. In his house, Le Paraïs, with a view of the Tour du Mont d´Or, he tells the story of Provence. As in his writings, the Manosquin country is praised, it becomes a character in its own right with its lights, its colors, its scents.

On the other hand, throughout the year, numerous cultural events celebrate the writer. The Giono Meetings are organized by Les Amis de Jean Giono. It’s a literary event during the summer. Each time, a writer comes to talk about his work.

In addition, for amateurs, there are also exhibitions, artist residences, literary walks.

But you can also do different sports there, hiking. Or go visit Forcalquier or go to Verdon and its gorges.


The hilltop villages of Provence

The hilltop villages of Provence are approximately 1 hour from Le Clos Geraldy charming guest house. They can be reached from Draguignan or from Nice if you decide to visit the French Riviera first.

The hilltop villages of Provence are among others, St Cezaire, Mons and Bargeme.

The latter is one of the most beautiful villages in France. On its heights sits a feudal castle, the Château Sabran de Ponteves. From a distance you can see the keep, its round towers and the ruins of its surrounding walls.

On a different note, around the village, you will find authentic nature, beautiful country chapels to discover: Chapelle Ste Pétronille to the south of the village, Chapelle St Laurent to the north, Chapelle Ste Antoine, one of the oldest in the Var.

On the other hand in St Cezaire, you can visit a magnificent cave and its concretions. Nearly 40 meters underground, it is open to the public from February 1 to November 11. Its underground riches can be discovered from room to room: draperies, stalactites.

Finally Mons stands on its rocky outcrop. This highest village in the Var is pretty, maintained and largely restored, as evidenced by the number of inhabitants which has continued to increase since the 1960s. In summer, the terraces of Place Saint Sébastien refreshed by their beautiful fountains come alive.




Visit Roquebrune sur Argens

Visit Roquebrune sur Argens at 45 minutes from Le Clos Geraldy, charming b&b in Provence with pool and Spa, is a natural wonder.

Visit Roquebrune sur Argens is first of all its famous rock. Originally, it was called the “Rock of the Three Crosses”. Their presence would date back to the death of Christ. Those which are currently at the top were erected in 1991, the old ones having disappeared with time. They pay homage to the 3 painters of the “Crucifixion”: Giotto, Grunewald and Le Greco. It is the work of sculptor Bernard Venet

In addition, the rock of Roquebrune is part of a red massif which stands before that of Esterel. It is classified of national interest. And culminates over 6 km at an altitude of 376 meters. The panoramic views are breathtaking.

Then, it is possible to go on very beautiful hikes. And other sports activities around the city, on the lake among others or on the Argens river.

As for the city itself, winner (4 flowers) of the National Flower Villages Competition, it offers its visitors pleasant and rewarding walks: The rue des Portiques, whose arcades and frames are remarkable. As well as the course of the 7 Fountains.

Finally, from Roquebrune you can access the sea, at the station of Issambres by traveling only 15kms.



Visit Arles

Visit Arles, at about 1 hour by motorway, from Le Clos Geraldy, charming guest rooms in Provence.

To visit Arles is to discover a city which benefits from a double inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List. On the one hand for the cultural property “Roman and Roman monuments”.

  • Roman Amphitheater
  • Ancient theater
  • Saint-Trophime Church and its cloister
  • Cryptoporticus (and the remains of the forum)
  • Baths of Constantine
  • Roman ramparts
  • Alyscamps website

On the other hand, for the cultural property “Routes of Saint Jacques de Compostele in France”. Way of Saint Jacques de Compostele on which is also the Basilica of St Maximin la Ste Baume.

Once a metropolis of the Roman Gaul, then a symbol of a radiant Christian past, Arles is now a city of celebration, history and culture. Each summer, the International Meetings of Photography attract many visitors.

In addition, Arles attracted many artists like Van Gogh, Gauguin. Or Picasso, a fan of bullfights, who devoted 2 paintings and 57 drawings to it.

In culinary matters, we find in Arles, a very tasty and sought after recipe. The gardianne, a kind of stew made from bull meat.

Finally, Arles is also the gateway to the Camargue: You can reach the Saintes Maries de la Mer, the meadows where white horses and bulls frolic. And see the flamingos.





Montmajour Abbey

The Montmajour Abbey is located about 1 hour by car from Le Clos Geraldy, charming b&b in Provence with pool and Spa.

At the gates of the city of Arles, the Benedictine abbey of Montmajour is an exceptional example of 8 centuries of history and architecture in Provence from 949 to 1791.

In addition, the monument can accommodate 50 to 80 monks. It consists of several buildings. It is a perfect repertoire of Romanesque, Gothic and Classical styles. The necropolis from the 11th and 14th centuries, the abbey from the 12th and 13th centuries. But also the Cloitre from the 12th, 14th and 18th centuries, the holy cross from the 12th century. Or the 14th century Pons de l’Orme tower and the 18th century Saint Maur monastery.

The buildings are served by the cloister restored in 1872. The chapter house, the refectory, the cellar, the library, the kitchens. You can admire remarkable representations of fantastic animals, human figures and plants under the capitals.

Built on a rocky islet, Montmajour Abbey has been a UNESCO heritage site since 1968. And, you can see in the distance, the panorama of Arles, Tarascon, the plain of Crau and the Alpilles.

During the Rencontres Photographiques d´Arles, you can attend exhibitions of works in the abbey.

Finally, the Clos Geraldy can provide a sheet prepared by us, for a walk between Arles, Montmajour and the Camargue. with routes and stages.


waterfalls in Provence





There are several waterfalls in Provence. You can easily access it from Le Clos Geraldy, charming guest house at St Maximin.

The largest and most famous is that of Sillans la cascade. It soars 44 meters from the tuff cliffs of pink travertine. In the middle of pines, fig trees, green mosses, the water falls into a beautiful basin. The look is magical and the view panoramic.

Considering the dangerousness of the potential falling rocks, you can use the new a completely secure path. It provides access to a platform where you can safely admire the waterfall.

This lovely hour-long walk is not accessible to people with reduced mobility, nor to small children in strollers.

There are several waterfalls in Provence. We offer you a circuit. We call it the 3 waterfalls: Sillans, Cotignac and Le Baou.

Also, on a beautiful day, you can start with the Cascade du Grand Baou, on the road to Carces, by going down a few equipped steps.Then you can go to Cotignac, at the entrance of which, you will reach the waterfall in along the river for 10 minutes. Then you can end with the large Cascade de Sillans.

Of course, we can provide you information and itinerary for reaching the site.




Tarascon is the meeting point between history, architecture, nature and legends.

Tarascon is on the Camargue road at 1 hour from Le Clos Geraldy. charming guest rooms in Provence with Spa and pool.

The city has all the advantages of a Provençal city built on the edge of the Rhône. In the heart of a triangle between Nîmes, Arles and Avignon.

From celebrations to festivals. From exhibitions to concerts. It is an emblematic setting for the Counts of Provence, listen to his heart beat with passion for the arts and shows in all seasons.

You can visit its superb castle. Built in the first half of the 15th century, Tarascon Castle is one of the most beautiful fortresses in France. It is the perfect example of a building which, through its architecture and decor, combines Gothic and Renaissance styles.

Its terrace offers a breathtaking view of the river. The plain, the Alpilles and the Montagnette. And you can easily reach the surrounding Camargue.

But you can also stroll through its ancient alleys. You can also cross the bridge and stroll in those of Beaucaire, the village opposite it.

The fame of this place also comes from the famous novel by Alphonse Daudet: Tartarin de Tarascon. This burlesque character, this anti-hero has become a symbol for the city and for Provence.


Luberon villages



The beautiful Luberon villages are a little above the Var where Le Clos Geraldy charming guest house in Provence, is.

However, it is a great day trip to do that we recommend. Indeed, the beautiful luberon villages, whether perched or in the plain, large or small, are all pretexts to taste the tranquility of Provençal life.

You will find yourself around fountains or in the shade of plane trees. You will walk through the picturesque narrow and winding streets. Each village has its own curiosities, heritage and original architectures.

They are called Lacoste, Oppede, Menerbes or Bonnieux.

To get there you will also pass through Lourmarin, a village to visit too, where Albert Camus lived. These 4 prestigious villages form the Luberon’s “golden square”.

Indeed, there is Lacoste with decades of cultural and artistic emulation. At the top are the ruins of the castle formerly occupied by the famous Marquis de Sade. Pierre Cardin bought it back and restored it.

But also Bonnieux sumptuously clinging to the northern flank of the massif. With its high church from the 10th century after having climbed 86 steps to reach it.

Then you can visit the Olive Oil Museum in Oppède and the Luberon Truffle and Wine House in Ménerbes. These hamlets are real wonders. Indeed, they have remained authentic. Like paintings. Like intact works. It is good to stroll, take an ice cream or take pictures as the beauty is surprising.