Sainte Croix Lake

Verdon and St Croix Lake

Verdon and St Croix Lake : These are a fascinating environment.

Made of turquoise waters, sandy beaches, canoes, electric boats and a breathtaking panorama.

Verdon and St Croix Lake is a magical and wild paradise. Thus, we can devote ourselves to aquatic activities, idleness, hiking or even climbing.

As soon as you turn your heads, you admire everything in front of you.

It will take you about 1 hour to reach the Gorges du Verdon from Le Clos Geraldy charmin B&B in Provence.

You can relax by the lake and have a swim there. You can also visit the village of Moustiers Sainte Marie and discover its famous earthenware.

If you stop at the village of Sainte-Croix sur verdon, you can enjoy an ice cream with a panoramic and absolutely fantastic view of the lake in its entire length.

You can also have another glimpse, from the small chapel of Baudinard, which overlooks the lake. As the verdon Canyon and ste croix lake are full of surprises, you can still take the ridge route. And stop to contemplate the vultures and eagles soaring in the sky and along the sheer cliffs.

We can give you free of charge the sheet we have created, which includes the itinerary as well as the contact details of a boat and kayak rental.


Visit Marseille

Visit Marseille and discover a city with a thousand faces.

The 2nd largest city in France has multiple districts with, for each, its own and endearing personality. It is located 45 minutes from Le Clos Geraldy charming B&B in Provence.

Visit Marseille is, first of all, its famous old port. With its pointus (local boats), its boats, its fishermen, its shuttles. And of course its “ferry-boat” which connects each shore.

It is the meeting place for all Marseille residents.

A recent silver shade attracts the curious and tourists.

But it’s even more. The Basilica of Notre Dame de la Garde sits atop a hill, Le MUCEM, a Mediterranean museum with astonishing modern architecture, which adjoins the old Fort Saint-Jean.

It is also its corniche, its well-known swimming center, the radiant city of Lecorbusier.

The city offers many beaches, including those of the red tip, Catalans, callelongue or goudes.

And the list is not finished. There is of course its football team, the Olympique de Marseille, OM and its stadium, the velodrome.

And a few nodes from the city of Marseille, the Chateau d’If and the Frioul Islands.

Many cruises are possible from its ports, to Corsica, Algeria, Italy …

In addition, the capital of the district opens up on one side towards the Calanques and on the other on the blue coast with Carry le Rouet, Sausset les pins …

Aix en Provence

To do in Aix en Provence

To do in Aix en Provence : Stroll, visit, discover, eat, have a drink or a coffee.

At 25 minutes away from le Clos Geraldy charming B&B in Provence, Aix en Provence exudes a special charm.

The old stone buildings in the city center give a very romantic “ocher” color. Its lively, pedestrian and shopping streets allow you to do all types of shopping. We also like to stop at one of the many squares and plots.

To do in Aix en Provence : the Provencal market which is held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. And that’s not all.

There are some very beautiful museums in the city. The Granet Museum, the Vasarely Foundation, the Caumont Museum, Cezanne’s studio …

From the Rotonde, the large fountain in the city center, you can go up the Cours Mirabeau. It is the main artery of the city. Everyone is there.

When the weather is nice, you can sit on the terrace of one of the many brasseries. During the end of the year celebrations, there is a beautiful Christmas market with many chalets. It is possible to taste the famous calissons there, as elsewhere in the city.

Close to the Palais de Justice there is regularly a flea market / antiques where you can find beautiful objects.

Aix en Provence is close to Marseille, around 20 minutes by car, which is very convenient.

La Sainte Baume

sainte baume hike

sainte baume hike is full of energy. This is the reputation of this massif, which rises to more than 1100m above sea level.
It is possible to do this activity as an experienced athlete or for the purpose of meditation or finally as a simple walker.
It can be accessed from Le Clos Geraldy charming b&b in Provence in 20 minutes.
The forest has been protected for several centuries. It is exceptional for the variety and quality of the species.
sainte baume hike means walking in the middle of remarkable beech groves, oak groves and Scots pines.
The flora and fauna are particular because they are intermediate between the Mediterranean forest and the alpine forest of medium mountains.
In addition, there are many hiking trails. The shortest way to reach the peaks of Sainte-Baume is from the hostel administered by the Dominicans.
The first hiking trail labeled Tourism and Handicap in the Var is located at the foot of the Sainte Baume.
But still, you can make a stop at the grotto of Maria Magdalena. It is a high place of pilgrimage.
You can also continue to the Col du Pilon. Finally, the view from the ridge allows you to observe the striking contrast between adret and ubac.
You will find an annex of the Green Provence Tourist Office, open to the public in an old building belonging to the religious.

Thoronet Abbey

Thoronet Abbey

The Thoronet Abbey is part, along with the Abbey of Silvacane and the Abbey of Sénanque, of the “3 Cistercian Sisters” of Provence.

They are all three part of the center of national monuments.

The Thoronet Abbey is located at about 30 minutes from Le Clos Geraldy, charming B&B in Provence.

Of course, we can provide you with a detailed sheet with an itinerary that we have designed for our visitors.

you can access by a small shaded path, opposite the parking spaces.

You can choose to visit the place with or without a guide. The opening hours are from 10 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. and until 5.30 p.m. in low season.

It is a timeless and exceptional place. It expresses the very essence of the Cistercian style made of extreme destitution and purity of lines.

The simplicity of the volumes is dedicated to community life. The construction of the church, according to the golden ratio, gives it world-renowned acoustics.

At the end of the visit, some guides sing a capella and the sound invades the nave with majesty. Baroque music concerts are held in summer.

Around the building stands a beautiful peaceful garden.

On this occasion, it should be noted that the writer Prosper Mérimé was one of the first inspectors of historical monuments.

Espigoulier Pass

biking at la sainte baume

biking at la sainte baume.  Drive to the Espigoulier pass.

As it is the highest pass in Bouches du Rhône (723m), it is very popular with cyclists for cycling a la sainte baume.

Moreover, biking at la sainte baume is one of the remarkable sites of the Regional Park. As it is a benchmark climb, the Tour de France was there in 1993.

It is located at a few minutes from Le Clos Geraldy charming B&B in Provence.

It offers a unique panorama of the Mediterranean sea.

You can go hiking or cycling there. It’s also a great motorcycle ride. It is accessed by Gemenos or Auriol.

We can provide a detailed sheet that we have prepared for our visitors who wish.

You can also reach the Parc de St Pons and take a walk, along small irrigation locks and through the forest of Sainte-Baume. The park also shelters various old buildings, churches, convent, in the course of restoration. It is a very peaceful walk, not difficult because the slope is low. You can stop next to a small waterfall.

There are also a few goat farms along the road that winds up to the summit. You can buy very good quality fresh or ripened goat cheese there.


Marseille Calanques

Marseille calanques

Marseille calanques are in fact the same as those of Cassis. The only difference is that you can get there from the opposite direction, from Marseille.

There are 9 Marseille calanques: From Callelongue, there is the Calanque of Morgiou and the Calanque of Sormiou. Then we find the the oeil de verre one and Sugiton. And again that of Devenson and Oule. Finally on the Cassis side by the calanque d’En Vaux, Port Pin and finally Port Miou.

You can go there by car in 40 minutes from Le Clos Geraldy charming b&b in St Maximin la Sainte Baume. 

How to visit them? : By boat, count round trip, from 30 minutes (3 creeks) to 3 hours (9 creeks) and  45 minutes (one way) by foot on the GR path between each one.

You take the coastal path for a magical walk between sea and land. The flora is very beautiful there. The Regional Guards do pedagogy. They also intervene, if necessary, to ensure that the instructions are respected in order to maintain the creeks in their natural state.

By strong winds, during the summer season, are closed to the public, to avoid any risk of fire. As the Route des cretes at Cassis Exit.


St Tropez

St Tropez : At about 1 hour from Le Clos Geraldy Charming B&B, is one of the most famous towns in Provence.

St Tropez is a mythical place with its port, its beaches (Pampelone), its shops and its celebrities.

Besides, everything is famous and celebrated there.

First, the gendarmes, of course!

But also, the beaches of which there are about forty on the peninsula.

Don’t forget the Place des Lices where show business and local stars play games of pétanque.

Many wear the famous leather sandals, the “Tropéziennes”. You can sip (in moderation) the Pastis as an aperitif.

And it is fashionable to taste the famous tarte tropézienne.

St Tropez was called St Trop from 1950, when we came across Sagan, Picasso, Prévert and Brigitte Bardot in the 1960s. Since then, the town has been a place of stay and relaxation for the worldly All-Paris and the international Jet Set.

Several exclusive parties are organized there each evening in the luxurious villas of the Gulf.

The nightlife is very active. In summer, on the terraces, the game is to “see and be seen”.

In addition, in the port, there are magnificent and huge yachts. Thus, they expose themselves by competing in their size, their cleanliness, their crew in front of curious and fascinated passers-by who stroll on the quays. You can be a spectator of a great and beautiful regatta that takes place every fall: the Voiles de St-Tropez.


What to do in Bandol

What to do at Bandol? Bandol is a seaside town in the Var. It is located at about 40 minutes from Le Clos Geraldy charming b&b in Provence.

Its seafront will be redone in 2020, so you can stroll at leisure on the pier.

Either on the sea side. Or on the shops side.

There are many ready-to-wear stores. There are also ice creans and something to eat.

The port of Bandol is a pretty port where you can find beautiful pointus, Mediterranean boats and other styles of pleasure boats.

In addition, many benches are available, if you want to rest and contemplate the horizon.

Behind, the old town is available to you to stroll in the cool in the typical alleys of the south.

You can also, if you want to go for a hike, take the coastal path.

You can also go to Saint-Cyr sur mer beach, very close, or Sanary beach. Or choose to visit the villages of Castellet or Cadière d’azur.

We can provide you with the personalized sheet available to our guests with ad-hoc itineraries …

What to do at bandol ? Play at the casino if you wish, or go to a winemaker to taste – with moderation – the renowned eponymous wine.


Biot village

Biot village, around Nice, can be reached in 1 hour from Le Clos Geraldy, charming b&b in Provence.

Biot village is an old art village on the French Riviera.

In addition to painters and potters, there are glass artisans. Indeed since 1956, Biot has been a reference in the field of blown glass. And more particularly bubble glass.

This technique was initiated by engineer Éloi Monod.

Today, works of glass art are the source of the village’s fame and pride.

In order to develop their potential in the art professions, Biot, Le Cannet, Vallauris and Cagnes sur mer have formed a friendly. “City and Crafts”.

Moreover, visiting Biot around Nice, its streets and alleys is a real journey steeped in history.

Indeed, you can discover La Calade, Le Portugon, Le Cul de Sac. And also Lei Croutons, Place de l’Airette, rue des Orfèvres.

Without forgetting the Place de la Catastrophe (where 2 houses collapsed on the evening of June 12, 1898), the Place des Arcades.

And it’s also possible to admire the Roman Mausoleum of the Golden Goat, the 19th century Chateau du Funel and the Church of Ste Marie Madeleine.

From Biot you can go the, to Eze which is a very cute, romantic and famous village.