the port of callelongue

The Port of Callelongue is at about 45 minutes away from Le Clos Geraldy, charming B&B near la Ste Baume.

It is not really a calanque but rather the departure towards them.

The port of Callelongue is like discovering the end of the world, as we call it!

South of  Marseille’s, it’s a dead end. In fact, it is the terminus of the bus line.

There you will find a fountain for walkers, fishing huts and small restaurants.

It’s a trendy place, very popular with locals.

The massif of the calanques is very steep. To hike there along the GR trail you must have the right equipment, walking shoes, waters, hat in summer.

The path you take allows you to discover an exceptional flora with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean.

Although it is close to the center of Marseille, it is a very wild and natural place. So you can visit the center before coming here or the contrary.

Note that there is no beach in Callelongue but only rocks.

Callelongue is a dream location to admire the sunset or to go scuba diving.

We can of course provide you with all the information as well as a detailed sheet with the route from Saint Maximin la Ste Baume.



around st maximin carces

 around st maximin, Carces.

Indeed, this village is at less than 30 minutes Le Clos Geraldy charming B&B in Provence with Spa.

It winds in a spiral around its medieval castle. The many houses with glazed facades give it a special charm and character.

You will also find optical illusion facades that tell the story over the years.

The village is crossed by 3 rivers. Caramy, Argens and Ribeirotte. You can also reach the very beautiful Caramy waterfalls.

To do so :

  • Beginning of the walk from the small wash house located next to the “Lou Grand Oustaou de Carces” retirement home near the Respelido car park.
  • Go up the course of the canal to the end of the canal.
  • Take the Notre Dame road on the left. This section of the walk is located on the road to Saint-Jacques de Compostelle which passes in front of the Saint-Jaume Chapel and the Notre Dame de Bon Secours Chapel.
  • Go down to the right of the chapel and follow the Chemin des Près Neufs as far as the canal.
  • Go up the course of the canal by the path that leads to the falls.

But what also to do around st maximin? Join the Lac de Carces.

To go around it on foot or to bathe there in summer. But it is also a fisherman’s paradise. There are indeed zander, carp, pike, bream and many other fish. Fishing competitions are organized there every year.

We can provide the sheets that we have prepared, with itineraries and surrounding local activities.


Le Castellet

 Le Castellet Village is a superb little feudal village at the top of its promontory.

It is located halfway between Le Clos Geraldy charming b&b with spa and the sea.

Le Castellet is one of the major tourist spots in Var and Provence.

Around the small squares, the beautiful old houses have been carefully restored and their old stones tastefully showcased.

You enter Le Castellet through 2 fortified gates. And let yourself be guided, along the small streets.

You will see potters, leatherworkers … scented candles, ceramics, picture galleries and ice cream vendors.

Walk in the sloping streets. Discover stone walls with sprays of flowers, wisteria, bougainvillea … reds, oranges, fuchsias, purples mix with ivy which runs all over the village.

Le Castellet was used as the setting for the film “La femme du boulanger” by writer Marcel Pagnol.

The Formula 1 Grand Prix de France is also held there a few kilometers from the Village.

You can also visit the surrounding wineries where you can find and buy Bandol wine.And also the other old village facing this one : La Cadière d’Azur.

Le Clos Geraldy, charming b&b in St Maximin la Sainte Baume can provide you with all the information and access sheet with itinerary.


Aups and truffles

Aups and truffles.

Aups is located about 45 minutes from Le Clos Geraldy, charming b&b with Spa.

It is part of the Verdon Regional Park. The village is the southern gateway to the Verdon canyon.

This site is recognized worldwide for its landscapes, and its many activities: Climbing, white water sports, nature hikes, canyoning, gliding etc …

Aups and truffles. This city also frequently organizes markets and truffle fairs. With local harvesters and traders. It takes place every Thursday morning from mid November to mid March. It is the most important market in the Var.

In addition, there are regular flea markets on the main square near the Collegiate Church.

You can also visit the Simon Segal Museum of Contemporary Art in the chapel of the former Ursuline convent. And also find the ruins of a 12th century castle, the 12th and 16th gates and ramparts, the Clock Tower and its bell tower.

Finally, strolling through the alleys, you can come across chiseled lintels, fountains and old sundials.

Depending on the time of year you can explore the region, towards the sea which is 60 km away or the snowy mountains 80 km away. The magnificent Lake of Sainte Croix is ​​not very far either.


Provence castel

Provence castel of Entrecasteaux is one of the pearls of the Var. The typical village of Provence is 35 minutes from Le Clos Geraldy charming b&b with pool and spa..

Castel of Entrecasteaux is a masterpiece of Provençal architecture. It is therefore a “great century” stage. Madame de Sévigné stayed there among others and maintained a correspondence with her daughter.

While it was built in the 16th century on the ruins of an 11th century fortress and then remodeled in the 17th and 18th centuries, it has since been perfectly restored and maintained.

On the northern heights, there is a cooler that was used at the time as refrigerators for the guests of the castle.

Below, there is its famous French garden, perfectly maintained by the owners. In the shade of the hundred-year-old plane trees, we find the main square where beautiful flea markets are held in season.

In addition, the entire site of the village is listed, with its old houses and its St Sauveur church. With its old cobbled streets, lined with tall and narrow facades, the village has kept its medieval appearance.

You can take advantage to discover the villages of Salernes (8kms), Cotignac (9kms) and Carces (8 kms).

And also join Tourtour for lunch or dinner in its shaded square.

Le Clos Geraldy can provide you with a detailed sheet and itinerary to get there.


the most beautiful beach in Provence

the most beautiful beach in Provence. Located less than an hour from Le Clos Geraldy, charming guest house with pool and spa, this is how the ESTAGNOL beach is called.

Behind the sand, the shade of its pines where you can park your car. Compulsory paid parking: € 10 per day and per car. Motorcycles and cyclos: 5 €. Bikes € 1. Subscription card € 75 for 10 entries. Open from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., except July and August open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Paying until 7:00 p.m.

In an exceptional, maintained and preserved setting you can picnic. You can also sample southern cuisine in one of the park’s two restaurants.

On a family property since 1830, land of the Domaine de Brégançon, the shaded pine forest of the Estagnol park borders the fine white sand beach.

the most beautiful beach in Provence is a wild lagoon. The water there is crystal clear. We are far away. So you can walk for a long time in the sea and enjoy an easy swim.

It should be noted that in high season, its beauty attracting many tourists, the beach is very often crowded and difficult to pass, except in the early morning or late afternoon. Dogs are not allowed there. You can find toilets and showers.

You can choose to take a very nice hike on the coastal path. This connects La Londe to Cabasson beach and faces the Golden Islands.



EZE perched village

EZE perched village is above Nice, about an hour and a quarter from Le Clos Geraldy, charming B&B in Provence with pool and spa.

He is on the way to Menton. It is one of the most picturesque villages in the department and is a must see.

EZE perched village is a pure wonder. Typical of Provence, generously flowered, it offers beautiful panoramas on the sea and the coast.

To reach the entrance to the village, after parking your vehicle, you walk along a small stone path expertly decorated and with a view of the superb gardens of the Château de la Chèvre d´Or.

Its medieval streets are a true testimony to history. There are two guard towers at the entrance. But also, the postern and the gunboat which are in the register of historical monuments.

You can also visit the exotic botanical garden at the top of the village. It presents a fine collection of cacti and rare species. Indeed, it is home to dozens of species of succulents, xerophytes from all continents. But also, we find Mediterranean plants or humid regions with caves and a waterfall. Themed and artistic routes encourage visitors to stroll and soak up the history of the place. You can also unearth the remains of an old castle 400m above sea level at the top of the cliff overlooking the sea.

EZE is also an art village, and there are many antique and creative boutiques open to the public.


Vaucluse fountain walk

Vaucluse fountain walk is the discovery of one of the most remarkable and most visited natural sites in Provence

It is about 1h15 from Le Clos Geraldy charming b&b in Provence with pool and spa.

Once parked at the entrance to the village, take the path up to the cave, for about 500 meters, along the river. You can stop on the beautiful terrace of a restaurant and enjoy an ice cream in the shade of the huge hundred-year-old plane trees.

Vaucluse fountain walk, will introduce you to this gigantic fountain, the most powerful in France and the fifth in the world. Its annual flow is 630 million cubic meters.

Its emerald-green waters are generally calm in summer. They become spectacular in times of flood in autumn or spring. 90 cubic meters then filled the bed of the Sorgue river.

The very picturesque site is in a deep valley with many caves and valleys. He inspired many artists like Frédéric Misral or René Char.

In the village square you can appreciate the old paddle wheel and the old buildings. Then you can reach the pretty town of Isle sur la Sorgue with its antique shops and second-hand shops.

Of course we can give you the best itinerary for reaching this area and arround.



what to see at la ciotat ?

what to see at la ciotat ? Located 45 minutes from  Le Clos Geraldy, charming B&B in Provence with pool and Spa, there is a lot you can do!

Indeed, the city is full of interests. First of all, its port where a superb market is held every Sunday. But also, the old industrial shipyards converted into yachting.

Then the old town with its authentic streets with many shops of all kinds. Without forgetting the old cinema where the first film of the Lumiere brothers was screened.

what to see at la ciotat ? His beaches. Opposite the port, they are numerous and of fine sand. Dogs are mostly accepted there.

Above on the pier, multiple restaurants can serve you. La ciotat is at the heart of the calanques park. The two that are specific to it are that of Mugel and that of Figuerolles. They are different from that of Cassis by their red colors.

You can also take a marine shuttle for 7 minutes and dock on the Green Island. It is a small island, 100% vegetal where you find some coves of sand and others of rocks where you can swim in crystal clear water. Opposite you can see the rock of the eagle’s beak.


the land of Pagnol

the land of Pagnol stretches all around the Garlaban. It is a preserved natural massif. you can reached it,  in 30 minutes from Le Clos Geraldy, charming guest house in Provence with pool and spa.

the land of pagnol is these hills, Aubagne and the Huveaune valley. The majestic Garlaban rock dominates the city was once a landmark for the Phoenicians sailing in the bay of Marseille.

Garlaban is a characteristic landscape of Provence. It is also a whole atmosphere that can be found in many works and films by Marcel Pagnol: the Glory of my Father, the Castle of my mother, Manon des Sources, Jean de Florette …

In addition, you can make beautiful, easy hikes in the Garlaban. There are also many caves where tribes lived, living from hunting and fishing. Be careful in the summer season. The site is regulated and may be inaccessible in strong winds.

But you can also opt for a visit to the potters of Aubagne. These have a good reputation for quality. You will participate once every two years, at Argila,  a large international market of pottery, ceramics and earthenware, in the city center. Each time a foreign country is the star event.