The Cassis Calanques

The famous Cassis Calanques by the seaVisit Cassis Calanques de Cassis is a must.

You can discover them by foot on the GR or by boats which are taken at the port.

This site is a natural wonder. At only 40 minutes away from  Le Clos Geraldy Ccharming b&b in Provence.

They are extremely preserved.

Visit Cassis Calanques is just as majestic and extraordinary from the sea as from the land.

They are 9 between Cassis and Marseille. The calanque of Port Miou then the calanque of Port Pin and the calanque of En Vaux. But also the Oule cove, Devenson cove, the Eye of Glass cove. And finally, the Sugiton calanque, the Morgiou calanque and the Sormiou calanque.

Each have their own personality and their own particularity.

By boat, count round trips, from 30 minutes (3 creeks) to 3 hours (9 creeks). And plan 45 minutes (one way) by foot on the Grande Randonnée path between each one.

The Regional Guards do pedagogy. They also intervene, if necessary, to ensure that the instructions are respected in order to maintain the creeks in their natural state. 

Bystrong winds, during the summer season, they are closed to the public, for avoiding any risk of fire.

From the Calanques you can also see the Cassis cliff, the largest cliff in Europe. It is also accessed by the ridge road. It can also be closed in strong winds.

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