The Fitness Room

Running plate and elliptical trainer

The Fitness Center is located in the Spa. it is equipped with a running plate and an elliptical trainer for sports in all seasons.


Le Clos Geraldy Breakfast served at the guest's table.

In the dining room during low season and in the patio for summer time

The breakfast will be served at the table: pastries, homemade jams, Nespresso coffee, chocolate, tea, honey, fresh fruits salad, delicatessen and cheeses.

Port d’Alon Calanque

The beautifull Port d'Alon Calanque at 45' away from le Clos Geraldy

At 45mins away from Le Clos Geraldy and at few kms from Cassis

A beautifull little calanque at some mins from Cassis

Sourne Valley

The Sourn Valley with it's River and Via Ferrata

Btw stones and river

Located at 30mins away from Le Clos Geraldy, a magic place with small sand beaches, a viaferrata and the Argence River

Sillans waterfalls

The Sillans 42m high Waterfalls

at Sillans la Cascade

A 42m waterfalls, in the middle of Provence at 30 mins away from Le Clos Geraldy

Esparon Lake

The Esparon Lake closed to the Verdon Canyon

And the Verdon Canyon

For discovering the magic Verdon Canyon, by walking or with electric boat or canoe.

Ponteves Castle

The old Ponteves Castle in the middle of The Green Provence

and The Green Provence villages

At some kms away from Le Clos Geraldy, you can discover the beauty of the Green Provence Villages

The “Green Provence”

Overlooking From the beautifull village of Tourtour

Overlooking from Tourtour

At some kms away from Le Clos Geraldy, you can discover the Sainte Baume and Sainte Victoire mountains, the beautifull village of Tourtour and many others…

Maria-Madgalena Cave

Maria Magdalena Cave on top of Ste Baume Mountain

Maria Magdalena Cave (Grotto)

At 15 mins away from le Clos Geraldy, a great walk to the Maria-Magdalena Cave

The natural cave (Baumo, in Provençal) has become one of the oldest shrines of the Christian world: St Mary Magdalene would have lived thirty-three years of his life.

According to the tradition of Provence, she was expelled from Palestine with several disciples in the first persecutions against Christians after the Ascension. The exiles landed miraculously Provencal shores instead now called Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer and became the first evangelizers of Provence. Mary Magdalene preached in Marseille in the company of Lazarus then settles in this steep mountainside in the Grotto since that bears his name.

In 1295, when the excavations conducted by Charles II of Naples in Saint-Maximin started to date his tomb, the pilgrimage to the Grotto experienced a revival.

In 1859, moved by the abandonment of the site, Lacordaire undertook the restoration of the holy places of Provence and the construction of the Hostellerie de la Sainte-Baume.

Today the community of brothers and Dominican sisters continue this mission of welcoming believers as infidels all pilgrims in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene.

St-Maximin la Ste Baume

Maria Magdalena Basilica in the center of St Maximin la Ste Baume

The Town Hall and Maria magdalene Basilica

At 3mins away from Le Clos Geraldy, the historical center of St-maximin with it’s little pedestrian area, its town hall, its convent and it’s Basilica where are the relics of Maria Magdalena