The Fitness Room

Sainte Baume B&B with fitness

Sainte Baume B&B with fitness at Le Clos Geraldy en Provence.

The equipment is in the wellness area. Next to the Spa, Hammam and Massage room.

There is a treadmill and an elliptical trainer for exercising in any season. It is possible to jog outdoors, along the Provence canal 500m from the property. However, some prefer to do it indoors.

In addition, the treadmill allows you to go at different speeds with more or less steep slopes. And it offers a socket to plug in your phone to listen to music. Also, it is possible to control his heart rate, but also his performance on his screen.

The elliptical trainer has a screen in order to see its performance.

The fitness area is open all year round, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. It is accessible without reservation.

A small table allows you to store some personal effects: keys, watch …

The wellness area has a separate toilet so that you don’t have to go back to your room if necessary.

Sainte Baume B&B with fitness is ideal for an evening, a weekend or a stay combining relaxation and activity.

And the practice of fitness is free and included in the room rate: No supplement! It is the same for the Hammam and the Spa. Only massages are subject to pricing



South of France breakfast

South of France breakfast is served at the table. This one is in oak and measures over 2.50m. During high season, outside under the patio. In low season indoors in our dining room.

South of France breakfast is made of pastries, homemade jams, Nespresso coffee, chocolate, tea, honey, fresh fruits salad, delicatessen and cheeses.

The bakery comes from one of our artisans. All the jams are homemade either with local fruits or from our garden. In particular our grape jam. There are 70% fruit in our jams, so only 30% sugar. In addition, the fresh fruit salad is made with oranges and grapefruit.

As for the charcuterie, it is sausage and Coppa. And the cheese is served in slices.

The coffee (or tea) service is from the Faiencerie de Varages. Varages is a famous village in the Var. The old factory was taken over several years ago by its employees. It continues to make quality products by craftsmanship. It is 30 minutes from Le Clos Geraldy. Can be visited every day of the year. You can shop there.

Breakfast served from 8:30 am to 9:30 am. Then, of course, you can stay at the table for as long as you like.

Port d’Alon Calanque

A walk by the sea in Provence

A walk by the sea in Provence Calanque Port d’Alon

A very protected place and less crowded than some other creeks, Port d’Alon is a little marvel. Small sandy beach. shores of rocks and clear sea. Port D’Alon is about 45 minutes from Le Clos Geraldy in Saint Maximin la Sainte Baume.

You can access from Saint Cyr les Lecques. A shaded car park (toll during season) allows you to park your car or motorbike.

During your stay, we can provide you with the itinerary to easily reach the Port of Alon.

Then you can bathe in clear water or take a nice walk on the coastal path or customs path. This goes from St Cyr les Lecques to Bandol via the Port of Alon.

This walk by the sea in Provence Calanque Port d’Alon is particularly beautiful. There is no construction or road around. Only a small hut-restaurant for a light snack, if needed.

As it is a very calm and peaceful place, you can also fish if you like Mediterranean fish or sea urchins (during the authorized period).

In addition to Bandol, Saint-Cyr and Cassis, you can also visit the old villages of Castellet, La Cadière d´Azur and Evenos clinging to the mountainside.

Sourne Valley

A river in the Var in Provence

A river in the Var in Provence is located at 30mins away from Le Clos Geraldy. A magic place with small sand beaches, a viaferrata and the Argens River

In addition, it is located to the right of the departmental road which joins Chateauvert in Correns.

Along the banks of the Argens there is a small wooden path. There are dry toilets in some places. The left part of the river in the Var in Provence is a via ferrata. This is accessible to beginners as well as experienced climbers. So we can at leisure, bathe, sunbathe, rest in the shade or even walk along the water or climb the rocks.

As there are places with wooden tables and benches, it is also possible to bring a picnic.

It looks like some landscapes of Vietnam. It is nice to go there in the spring or the summer season, away from crowded sites.

Before arriving at Vallon Sourne, you can visit the Chateauvert Modern Art Center. When you leave, you can discover Correns, the 1st organic village in France.

The Vallon Sourne is one of the sites recommended by the Provence Verte Tourist Office.

We can provide you with a free map and an itinerary sheet to access it.

Esparon Lake

Verdon canyon and Esparron lake

Verdon canyon and Esparron lake : To discover the magic of the Gorges du Verdon, you can drive to Lac d’Esparron.

Indeed, it is located in the lower part of the gorges.

In summer, they are just as beautiful and less crowded.

Verdon canyon and Esparron lake are located about 45 minutes from the Clos Geraldy b&b in Provenc.

The Lake offers many activities and facilities. Nautical bases, restaurants, car parks, trails. Also you can for example go hiking or rent an electric boat or a canoe. Dogs are tolerated there.

In addition, you can bring your picnic to the furnished spaces.

Esparron Lake is wild and mysterious. It is an artificial lake. Its water is therefore calm and its surroundings very Provençal.

The period between mid June and mid July, when lavenders are blooming, it’s is particularly interesting. On the road that leads to Esparron du Verdon, from Gréoult les Bains, you can come across some lavender fields. And take a nice photo!

Close to Lake Esparron, there are several caves that attest to human activity in history. These caves are visible from the boat if they cannot be visited.

But the cliffs of Esparron are not to be missed.

Not far from the lake is the village of Esparron de Verdon with its magnificent castle and 11th century tower.

Near the lake, you can reach Barbu Island by boat, opposite the village of Esparron de Verdon. There are wild beaches, green meadows, and peaceful creeks.

Ponteves Castle

Medieval village and Casstle in Provence

Medieval village and castle in Provence: PONTEVES. A few kms away from the charming B&B in Provence Le Clos Geraldy.  You can discover the beauty of this village.

Strongholds of the same name Marquis, you can discover a beautiful view of the vineyards, the Grand and Petit Bessillon massifs.

In addition, in this medieval village and castle in Provence, there are some vestiges of prehistoric occupation. Stones planted “in a circle on the slope of the Petit Bessillon.

And also, Gallo-Roman debris, near the cemetery, graves discovered at Saint-Ferréol with metal rings on the legs and arms.

Generally speaking, Ponteves, in addition to its feudal castle, retains some old houses from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. In the center of the village you will find a fountain and plane trees that are characteristic of the region.

It is also said that La tour St-Martin could have a Roman origin. You can also visit the 12th century Saint-Gervais Church and the Oil Mill.

We can print out the map and the route for you free of charge to get there and other nice places nearby.

If you like the flea market, not far from Ponteves, there are two large warehouses where you can browse.

The “Green Provence”

Green Provence and Tourtour

Green Provence and Tourtour are at a few kilometers away from the charming B&B Le Clos Geraldy.

Just discover La Sainte Baume, La Sainte Victoire, the beautiful Village of Tourtour, which is one of the most beautiful villages in France.

This area is located to the west of the South Region. Above the Mediterranean, to the left of the Dracénie and below the Verdon. In other words, in a triangle delimited by Aix en Provence, Marseille and Draguignan.

Green Provence and Tourtour as a remarkable point of view. This village is worth a detour. In the Haut Var, it has retained its typical character. With its old stone houses, its central square surrounded by cafes, shops and restaurants, its church on the small hill.

You can admire a magnificent panorama over nearly 100km, from the large terrace planted with mulberry trees.

It is a must-see place for lovers.

In addition, near the communal castle, there are two bronze sculptures by Bernard Buffet offered to the commune, by the family of the artist who lived in Tourtour for the last years of his life.

And you can visit the old oil mill, still in operation, the Fossil Museum, the 12th and 15th century Castles, its Saracen Tower and its Old washhouse.

Maria-Madgalena Cave

Maria Magdalena cave

The Maria Magdalena cave in the Sainte Baume massif, is at 20 minutes away from Le Clos Geraldy charming B&B in Provence.

Going to Maria Magdalena cave is a nice walk of about 1 hour walk for discovering the convent and the sanctuary.

To reach the holy place, you must park near the hostellerie. Then cross a field for about 100 meters. Then take an easy path with gravel or a slightly steeper path on the right through the forest.

The natural cave carved out by erosion (baumo, in Provencal). It has become one of the oldest places of pilgrimage in the Christian world. The saint is said to have lived there for thirty-three years of her life.

According to the Tradition of Provence, she was expelled from Palestine with several disciples during the first persecutions against Christians after the Ascension.

She miraculously approached the Provençal shores at the place now called Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. She became the first evangelizers of Provence.

Marie-Madeleine preached in Marseilles in the company of Lazarus. After she established herself in this steep mountain, in the Grotto.

You can meditate in the chapel or simply admire its simplicity and silence.

The Grotto is one stage of the route “in the footsteps of Marie Madeleine”

Then you can, when leaving, admire the landscape of the Var. If you wish, access the Col du Pilon, at an altitude of 1200m after an additional 20 minutes of walking.

St-Maximin la Ste Baume

saint maximin la sainte baume

saint maximin is at 3 minutes away  from Le Clos Geraldy charming guest rooms in Provence.

saint maximin historic center allows you to discover its small pedestrian area, its old town hall. You can also visit its Convent and Basilica with the relics of Mary Magdalene. This is why Saint-Maximin la Sainte Baume is the 3rd tomb of Christendom.

St Maximin is one stage of the route “in the footsteps ogf Marie-Madeleine”

From Place Malherbe with its old fountain and small cafes, you access the shopping street that leads to the basilica.

The city offers everything you could possibly need. Shopping, but also doctors, nurses, osteopaths. Or garages, hypermarket, bookstores.

You can also reserve a time slot to cycle-rail on the old railway line.

A weekly market takes place in the center every Wednesday morning from 8 am to 12:30 pm There you will find every week the stalls of local producers. And also ready-to-wear, souvenirs, ceramics. Without forgetting the cooks dishes of Provence or still seasonal products.

La croisée des Arts offers shows and exhibitions of all kinds throughout the year. There is also a cinema.

The city is part of the Regional Park of Sainte Baume.

On one side are the massifs of Sainte Baume and Mont Aurélien and on the other, Sainte Victoire, a major site in France.

In addition, the cities of Aix en Provence and Marseille are very easy to reach by national roads as well as highways.

The Cassis Calanques

The famous Cassis Calanques by the seaVisit Cassis Calanques de Cassis is a must.

You can discover them by foot on the GR or by boats which are taken at the port.

This site is a natural wonder. At only 40 minutes away from  Le Clos Geraldy Ccharming b&b in Provence.

They are extremely preserved.

Visit Cassis Calanques is just as majestic and extraordinary from the sea as from the land.

They are 9 between Cassis and Marseille. The calanque of Port Miou then the calanque of Port Pin and the calanque of En Vaux. But also the Oule cove, Devenson cove, the Eye of Glass cove. And finally, the Sugiton calanque, the Morgiou calanque and the Sormiou calanque.

Each have their own personality and their own particularity.

By boat, count round trips, from 30 minutes (3 creeks) to 3 hours (9 creeks). And plan 45 minutes (one way) by foot on the Grande Randonnée path between each one.

The Regional Guards do pedagogy. They also intervene, if necessary, to ensure that the instructions are respected in order to maintain the creeks in their natural state. 

Bystrong winds, during the summer season, they are closed to the public, for avoiding any risk of fire.

From the Calanques you can also see the Cassis cliff, the largest cliff in Europe. It is also accessed by the ridge road. It can also be closed in strong winds.